The idea of taking on a building project can be very exciting but a bit overwhelming also, particularly if it is for the first time. Whether it is a renovations/additions or a new home we will work alongside you through the design stage and building process to help your project run smoothly.

The first stage is to meet with you on site to go through your design brief and determine your wishes, scope of work, budgets, timeframes etc.

The design brief allows us to determine what level of services you require and the costs associated with those services. The initial site consultation is free of charge. Once we have determined the scope of work we can provide you with a free no obligation quote. We prefer to have a set fee agreed to from the start and any changes thereafter will incur additional fees.

The scheme plan develops the project design to the floor plan and elevation stage where necessary changes can be made before moving on to the working drawings. Using Archicad, 3D colour perspectives and virtual tours on the computer are other services that can be provided to the client at this stage if required.

When the design is finalised we then move on to the working drawings. This will get the drawings to the stage where there is enough information for the local authority (link to Tauranga District Council) to issue a Project Information Memoradum (PIM) and a building consent to allow work to commence. The working drawings are also detailed enough to allow the builder to construct the design.